Meet Our Team


Tim & Christian


In 2006, when Tim first brought Christian to the Ranch, she knew she wanted to share this property with others to celebrate their own love stories. This began the idea of offering the Ranch as a wedding and event venue. From the first wedding season, they have loved to share this magical property with their couples. Tim and Christian’s love has only grown over the years with the addition of 3 wonderful children, and the blessing of welcoming many couples to enjoy their “best day ever” here at the family Ranch.

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CeCe Malaterre

Cece Malaterre

Venue Manager

When the opportunity came to join Deer Creek Valley Ranch, and be a part of couple’s dream weddings, I jumped at the chance. I love attending the ceremonies and feel blessed to be part of each new marriage. And, yes, I cry like a baby every time the bride walks down that aisle. I actually proposed to my husband, and was thrilled when he accepted (I was very forward considering it was the 80s)! I would love to say that I had my dream wedding, but it quickly turned into my mother’s dream wedding and in the end, to save our sanity as a couple, we eloped. While the wedding wasn’t perfect, the marriage has been wonderful – James is still my best friend, my knight in shining armor, the father of our three children, and the love of my life! I didn’t get my perfect wedding 30 years ago, but being a part of your special day is a perfect compromise! I cannot wait to work with you, and help make your wedding the most amazing day ever!