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5 Reasons Wedding Planners Rock

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Professional Wedding and Event Planners and Day-Of Coordinators are amazing. Hands down, a very rare breed of people, and sometimes completely undervalued and underutilized by couples everywhere. At most venues, a Wedding Planner or Day-Of Coordinator is required and we are here to tell you 5 reasons wedding planners rock. By the end of this post, we hope you realize how invaluable Wedding Planners are to the success of your big day. 

Rockin' Reason #5 - Organization

These ladies and gentlemen are organizers extraordinaire. Do you feel overwhelmed with all the details of your big day? They help you break it down into bite sized pieces and make it all easier to digest. In fact, they probably have a spreadsheet with every item scheduled and a checklist with whom to delegate it to!

Rockin' Reason #4 -
Calm in the Storm

Do you expect drama during your wedding planning or wedding day? Are you already having to deal with opinions and worries from people? Because of this, are considering going to Vegas? Hire your planner! They will help you gracefully negotiate all of the annoying... I mean, well-intended, ideas and opinions. Your planner can field questions, get you important information, and be a great support with solutions for any problems.

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Rockin' Reason #3 - Getting Great Vendors

Wedding Planners work with so many vendors and have such a depth of experience in the wedding world. They have a great idea of who works well with whom, and whose style will match yours perfectly. Let them help you contact vendors that will make your wedding day everything you dreamed it would be. 

Rockin' Reason #2 - Wedding Encyclopedia

Planners are amazingly knowledgeable about everything that is "weddings." All that wedding jargon you have been hearing and have no idea what it means? They can interpret for you. Your planner understands when your caterer asks you "How many high tops do you need and do you want sashes?" They can guide you as to when to schedule your room blocks at the hotel, as well as figure out your table layout for your reception. 

Rockin' Reason #1 - Wedding Day Superhero

Photo by Houseman Studios

A Wedding Coordinator is similar to a conductor of a symphony orchestra. He or she will tell people where to go, when to go, where to place items, and create the extraordinary out of chaos.  Unlike a family member or friend assigned to be your "coordinator," a professional will only be concerned with the success of your wedding and not be distracted with things like visiting with everyone. Your groomsmen will behave with boutonnieres pinned on perfectly. The mother of the bride will enjoy herself instead of trying to get dressed and decorate too. Your bridal party will be relieved at not having to clean up after celebrating with you. The Wedding Coordinator will even seamlessly handle all stress inducing issues without blinking an eye. They will take care of all this so you, your family, and your guests have an amazing experience with wonderful memories.

How much you enjoy your wedding planning and your big day depends a lot on whether you have a professional Planner or not. Hiring your planner or coordinator as soon as you get engaged will make your life so much easier. They will help you organize everything, calm ruffled feathers, help you hire the best people, answer all your wedding questions, and help your big day go off without a hitch, without your mom having a coronary. And THAT you can't put a price on! ;) 

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