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Our Love Story

From Palm Trees to Pine Trees

The owner of Deer Creek Valley Ranch, Tim Marasciullo, unexpectedly met the love of his life on a trip to Hawaii in 2006. After a whirlwind romance (he and Christian were engaged just 14 days after meeting), Tim whisked his bride-to-be from the balmy shores of Hawaii to the rugged beauty of the Ranch.
Upon arrival at the Ranch, Tim felt it necessary to re-propose to Christian with an appropriate ring. He took her to the highest point on the Ranch, overlooking the creek and the valley below and asked her again to share with him the rest of his life. Amazingly, the entire proposal was witnessed by a 4 x 4 buck deer, standing no more than 20 feet away. The buck seemed to give his approval as he looked on, posed for photos, then he nodded and casually walked away. As they say: "When you know, YOU KNOW!" Tim and Christian were married six months later.
In their first year together, they traveled through 19 different States and 12 different Countries. What began as a whirlwind romance has remained an illustrious Love Story, the stuff of Hollywood storytelling. Since the arrival of their three small children, they have happily settled into daily life at the Ranch. Inspired by their own Love Story, they have decided to present Deer Creek Valley Ranch as a premier destination for you to enjoy as well. In their quest to restore the Ranch to the glory it deserves, they began by dismantling the old bridge and replacing it with the covered bridge you see today. Then they opted to share the quaint heart-shaped lake by building a deck and gazebo on its shore. Now with all three floors of the historic Barn fully renovated, the Ranch is available for you to share the ultimate expression of your own Love Story.

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