Cecelia "Cece" Malaterre
Venue Manager
Emma Shinnick
Asst. Venue Manager

Directions to Deer Creek Valley Ranch

Please Note: some GPS devices will lead you several miles PAST the ranch. 
Please watch for signage to guide you.

  • Take Highway 285 SW into the mountains
  • When you reach the light at Pine Junction, go straight
  • Drive 3 1/2 miles and slow down
  • Pull into Deer Creek Valley Ranch on your right
  • Call 303-929-9133 or 720-301-8371 for access through the gate
  • Park by the Barn
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Tim & Christian Marasciullo, Owners

64407 US Highway 285, 
Bailey, CO 80421

Phone: 303-929-9133 (Office)
Fax: 303-265-9320


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