We were first introduced to Yours For Your Day a few years ago when a couple rented an array of beautiful vintage furniture and decorations for their wedding day. Since then, we have worked with Yours For Your Day on numerous events at the Ranch and they continue to exceed our, and our couple’s, expectations. Their professionalism and commitment to making sure every detail is perfect is truly an inspiration. Not to mention, they offer some of the coolest furniture and décor rental items around! Vintage rugs, decoupage and hand painted furniture, mismatched chairs, repurposed doors… you name it! They are THE resource for couples looking to add eclectic, unique and vintage elements to their wedding day.

We asked Shelley and Warren a few questions to get to know them better. Read on to find out more about Yours For Your Day!

Yours For Your Day Yours For Your Day Yours For Your Day Yours For Your Day Yours For Your Day



 1.    Tell us about Yours For Your Day and how the company came to be.  

Yours For Your Day was born from a passion for collecting old cast-off furniture and transforming it into something lovable again. What started out as a hobby for Shelley after she quit her corporate day job, morphed into a desire to share our love of anything vintage, salvaged, and rustic with others who want all of those same lovely details incorporated into the most important celebrations of their lives.  


2.   What wedding design trends are you seeing this year? 

For color schemes, we can look to Pantone’s Greenery to be hot this year. And why not, it’s bright, fun, and perfect for all budgets when you can easily incorporate actual greenery throughout your design to hit it home! As for venues (and yes, they’re part of the design/décor), large properties with expansive views and iconic buildings are sure hits (hey, did we just describe DCVR?) But seriously, couples are looking to give their guests a great experience and venues with gorgeous backdrops and significant architectural elements are the best way to really woo-over guests. For us, lounge groupings are still a popular choice for our clients in 2017. Again, it speaks to that desire to give guests a great experience. Having quiet furniture vignettes tucked into the venue during the cocktail hour and reception demonstrates an attention to detail and guest comfort! To sum up other design trends, we’re seeing the following: metallic details from dresses to décor, food trucks (yum), designed dessert bars, and indoor weddings that bring outdoor elements inside!


3.    Describe one of your most memorable events, and include a photo! 

It was one of our smallest events because the couple only needed an aspen arbor. And while we are not typically able to deliver only a single piece, this particular wedding was during the week and not far from us, so we were happy to provide them with the arbor. And what a blessing that small delivery turned out to be. Normally, we don’t see much of the couple during our time at the venue, but this time was different. The arbor was set up in an outdoor space just outside of the reception area. We were scheduled to pick-up the arbor following the ceremony and so we quietly snuck into the area and moved the arbor to the side so we could disassemble it away from the guests’ view. Suddenly, here comes the bride and groom. They literally had taken time away from their guests and their meal to come out to thank us and tell us how much they appreciated having our arbor and how much it had made their day! It was an amazing and humbling moment. We were so thankful for that moment because it truly defined why we do what we do. That special couple on that special evening, gently reminded us of our purpose!

YFYD 5 533x800


4.    What is your most popular rental item?

 Lounge groupings for sure, but closely followed by the aspen arbors, and our mismatched chairs!


5.   What's one thing we might be surprised to learn about you? 

Nothing to do with furniture, but we love Disneyland! We both grew up in Southern California and we love Disneyland so much that we continued to purchase Annual Passports well into our life here in Colorado. And now, we are passing down the love and appreciation for all things Disney and Disneyland to our three young grandchildren. Because every time we share The Happiest Place on Earth with them, we get to be kids too! Win-win!

To say that working with Jenny Mears, Owner of  Fluffed & Frosted, is a sweet experience is an understatement. A Rocky Mountain Bride Best in the West winner, this southern lady creates elegant confections that are a treat for both your eyes and your taste buds! Jenny works tirelessly to create tasty desserts catered to each couple's unique style. Whatever your vision, she's sure to provide a dessert that will most certainly impress your guests! 

We recently chatted with this busy baker to find more about her journey from corporate America to Dessert Stylist. Read on to learn more about Fluff & Frosted.


Taylor Jones Photography Fluffed__Frosted_3 Fluffed__Frosted_1 Fluffed__Frosted_2 Taylor Jones Photography Taylor Jones Photography Fluffed__Frosted_6 Fluffed__Frosted_5 Taylor Jones Photography Fluffed__Frosted_4 Fluffed__Frosted_7


1.Tell us a little bit about yourself and how Fluffed and Frosted came to be.  

I grew up baking in my Grammie's kitchen in Florida.  Originally from Tennessee, my Grammie taught me southern cooking and baking when I was very young.  I started baking for friends’ parties and weddings when I moved to Colorado, 8 years ago.  Being in the kitchen helped with my home sickness, and filled my heart with such fond memories of what I learned back home that I started a small cupcake business. This grew into what is now Fluffed & Frosted in 2016.  


2. Explain the experience that a couple might get when collaborating on wedding desserts.   

The experience a couple would receive is quite a fun one!  I like to keep tastings and consultations very laid back.  The couple will get to taste six different, fun cake flavors.  And I like to get to know them, their story of how they met, the proposal, where they are originally from, all the details, so I can create something special, tailored just for their personalities.

3. What trends are you seeing for wedding desserts in the near future? 

This year appears to be the year of THE donut, and naked cakes appear to not be going anywhere!  Most of my couples are choosing dessert bars, including donuts to keep things enjoyable and a little different for guests.  We specialize in dessert bar styling. Not only will desserts taste delicious but by focusing on creating the prettiest of dessert displays we make something truly different for weddings.  Another fun thing is a dessert bar "swing" where desserts are displayed on an old fashion swing hung in the reception area.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to dessert bars!  

4.What have been some of the most memorable wedding cakes or desserts you have designed? 

I am a big fan of the naked cake. I created a cutting cake for a couple last July with succulents and the cake was requested multiple times last year in several different tiers.  It truly made me feel so honored that couples loved it so much they wanted to duplicate it. Another cake I really enjoyed creating was a watercolor cake last winter.  I like keeping things simple and rustic for couples especially since it goes so well with the backdrop of Colorado.

5. Name something we would be surprised to know about you! 

I don't like to stop going. I even dislike sleep, though I know I need it. This is something I am trying to get better about. Life is just so short I want to take it all in and not regret never moving and creating!

It is always a great pleasure working with Tom and Lucy with Milestone Imaging. This husband and wife team know not only how to create a great image, but how to truly appreciate and experience what a wedding is all about. They are kind-hearted, fun-loving and extremely passionate about capturing the beauty and unique moments in each couple’s special day. One thing’s for sure, you are in exceptional hands with Milestone Imaging.

Hoping to get to know Tom and Lucy a bit better, I asked them a few questions about themselves and their business. Read on to find out more about the very talented Tom and Lucy Miles with Milestone Imaging.  

1. What led you to wedding photography? 

Imagine having a backstage pass to your favorite show...  The challenges and rewards of capturing the emotions and excitement of a couple's big day, is what drew us in.  We have a passion and deep respect for love, marriage and family, and the privilege of recording these "once in a lifetime" moments energizes and excites us.  Another benefit for us is the relationships we get to experience.  Often we become great friends with our couples, and get to photograph their new babies and growing families.  


2. What do you love most about Colorado weddings?

For us it's the fact that probably 95% of Colorado weddings we shoot will have an outdoor component and we can incorporate natural beauty into our work.  This allows us capture our brides and grooms in breathtaking settings.  The Colorado landscape is the best backdrop you can ask for!!  

We often prepare a variety of black and white images in additional to color images for our couples.  We once had a bride request that every image be in full color.  She said the colors were so beautiful at her wedding; she had to see them in every image.  That about sums up Colorado weddings.


3. How would you best describe your photographic style?

We take a story telling approach.  We feel that it's important to incorporate our couples into their surroundings while we strive to show the excitement of being newly married and the emotional connection between them.  It can be a tall order, but most likely our couple has chosen their venue because of its beautiful setting and they imagine themselves intertwined within it.  How they felt, their excitement, where they were, what the weather was like, what time of day it was, how everything looked at that moment is all told in the image.  Every time they see it, they will remember!    


4. Can you share with us three of your favorite images? Tell us why they're your favorite!

DCVRblog1 684x1024 534x800

Photo 1:  This is our style!  Stephanie and Chris have just been married and are enjoying the moment in their wintery surroundings.  Stephanie's vision was a winter wedding in the mountains, and this image tells that story perfectly.

 DCVRblog2 731x1024 571x800

Photo 2:   This is a backlit shot of Kirsten and Michael and is a signature image for us.  It's usually how we end the evening with our bride and groom and often will become the last page in their album.  

 DCVRblog3 800x534

Photo 3:  This was one of our funnest wedding moments at DCVR.  Dan went into a full rendition of The Righteous Brothers, "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling", much to Jessi's delight!  In spite of being put on the spot, Dan really owned it and pulled it off beautifully!

 Check out more photos from Jessi and Dan’s wedding at DCVR here


5. What's one thing we might be surprised to learn about you?

We are cryers... if someone at the wedding gets emotional, darn it, we will too.  We just can't help it!  Parent dances are a killer during the reception, and all over again when we review the images with our couples after the wedding.  We try to spend time with each and every couple to learn about them before the wedding.  This results in us being emotionally invested in our couple and their families on their wedding day. 


More photos from Milestone Imaging: 

Milestone1 Milestone2_684x1024_534x800 Milestone4_534x800 Milestone5_640x800 Milestone6_534x800 Milestone7_800x534 Milestone8_534x800 Milestone9_640x800 Armentano_2016_01_10-0432 Milestone3

We just love working with the lovely Emma and Briana with Glow Events. This duo has hearts of gold, are passionate about weddings and love obsessing over all the small details (so you don’t have to!). They are personable, wonderful women who will do what it takes to make your day perfect. We aren’t the only ones who love working with them, we have received outstanding feedback from our couples about their experience with Glow. We could go on and on about all the reasons we love working with Glow but why not meet them for yourself? Read on to learn more about Glow.

  • Colorado Outdoor Ceremony

    JM Gant Photography

  • Gazebo wedding decorations

    Mallory Munson Photography

  • Barn wedding reception

    Katie Corinne Photography

  • horse and carriage wedding ceremony

    Yellow Paddle Photography

  • Barn wedding

    Mallory Munson Photography

  • rustic ranch wedding

    Katie Corinne Photography

1.When did you get into Event Planning and how?

Emma started in the wedding industry at 16 and fell in love with it. At the age of 18, she became the coordinator of her first wedding by default and knew she had found what she wanted to do with her life. This started a side business of coordinating weddings all through college and eventually starting Glow in 2012. Emma realized that she wanted to be able to use her business to help not only brides and grooms, but also others, specifically girls who were survivors of human trafficking. In 2015, Briana brought her wealth of experience to Glow and a heart for kids in the foster system. She started in the event planning portion of the industry, but soon fell in love with planning weddings after interning with a couple of different types of vendors including a wedding planner. As partners now, we are wanting to help as many brides and grooms and families as we can with making their events as stress free as possible.

2.What do you love most about Event Planning?

Our absolute favorite part of the wedding is when our brides and grooms come to us and say that they were able to relax and enjoy the day because they knew that we had everything handled. That's exactly what we are there for and there is no greater compliment we can be given.

3.Describe your most memorable event to date.

Probably one of our most memorable weddings was one right here at Deer Creek Valley Ranch. The couple was the sweetest and they had a Fall wedding with all of our favorite Fall things. They had a beautiful ceremony with the golden Aspens in the background and followed it with a reception that included a cute caramel apple buffet with caramel and chocolate and crushed candy bar toppings. They also had a s'mores and hot chocolate bar with homeade marshmallows and Reeses for the s'mores! It was very sweet with a great wedding party and family and wonderful food!

4.What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding?

We get asked this question A LOT and our number one answer is to always remember that your wedding day is only the first day of the rest your lives together and to not get too stressed about it. We will do everything in our power to help make your wedding day absolutely perfect, but you will not enjoy it even if it is perfect if you're overly stressed. It's going to be a wonderful day, just relax and smile and remember that you get to marry that special person and spend the rest of your lives loving on them.

5. What sets Glow apart from other Event Planners?

There are two things that make Glow very different from other wedding planners. We LOVE our brides and grooms and love helping them with their big day. We also just love helping people period. So we make it point to not only volunteer our time, but also a portion of our profits to helping human trafficking survivors and foster kids in an effort to make their lives a little ​​better. Secondly, we are very relational and many of our brides and grooms feel more like friends after planning their weddings than they do clients. We try very hard to not only take care of our brides and grooms on the wedding day, but also their families, friends, and even their vendors. We want it to be a great experience for everyone and that's what we strive to make it. We love weddings and we love helping our clients and their families have a memorable and relaxing experience. 

For the past 18 years, A Sharp DJ Service has provided the ultimate entertainment experience for weddings and events. Farrell Woods, owner of A Sharp DJ Service performs at the highest level of professionalism with great musical knowledge. He caters to each couple’s individual style and is a master at creating an energetic and fun atmosphere. We just love working with him and we know you will too! We asked Farrell a few questions about him and his business. Read on to find out more about A Sharp DJ Service. 


1. Tell us a bit more about A Sharp DJ Service.

I started Dj’ing in 1998. Since then I’ve Dj’d over 1200 evenings and over 450 weddings. The largest crowd I’ve played to several times was about 1200 people at the Stampede in Aurora Colorado on Wednesdays.

2. How did you get started in the DJ business?

I have done couples lead and follow dancing since 1988. In 1998 I started making “danceable Cds” for a bar so our dance club could go in early to some very danceable music.  

3. What do you like most about working in the event industry?

I really like taking care of all the details so the Bride and Groom can relax and enjoy their day instead of having to double check the Dj. 

4. Tell us about your most memorable event to date.

One of my most memorable weddings was Denver Nugget (at the time) Nene. Amazing decorations in the room and 3 undercover armed guards. I’m 6’3” and one time Nene hugged me and my head hit low on his shoulder. The wedding went great and was very classy! 

5. What is your favorite song to play at a wedding?

I don’t have a particular song that I like for weddings. What song is the most appropriate differs depending on the feel of the particular crowd and the time of the evening? 



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